Marcos Jiménez Guillen

Attorney at Law

Marcos is a lawyer with a Cum Laude mention, in his bachelor’s and bachelor’s degrees in law, dedicated to criminal law litigation, and administrative sanctioning law in disciplinary processes and also graduated with a Master’s degree in Criminal Law from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He has knowledge and is certified as an instructor of Community and Commercial Security, in addition to having the necessary knowledge to identify and determine relevant aspects in the commission of criminal acts since he has training in the methodological management of crime prevention, by the CDI.

He is a lawyer with the ability to carefully and accurately analyze legal information and documents related to the cases in charge. He is a person with excellent communication skills that allows him to interact effectively with the people who require his services. It generates comfort and peace of mind for its clients, who enjoy a transparent and precise explanation of aspects related to their legal matters.

He studies all details of the case, a transcendental aspect for the defense of cases, which allows him to make presentations before the different courts in a precise manner, with knowledge of the rules, doctrine and jurisprudence applicable to the case, to demonstrate the thesis of the case through the necessary evidence and the application of the Law, fundamental and necessary aspects for the trial lawyer. In addition to his attention span and concentration when acting in court, which allows him to develop solid arguments before judges.