NCC Law is part of a group of highly committed lawyers with strong ethics and moral values, who undergo constant academic growth and participate in continuing education on the national and international levels. We understand from first-hand experience, that current difficulties and challenges require breaking paradigms, seeking newer ways to take on challenges, and integrating and leading multidisciplinary teams.

More than 20 years after following our dream to turn our law practice into a group that was locally and internationally recognized for its excellence, we are proud of what we have achieved and we still enjoy the privilege of representing our clients.

Everyday we aim to remember important moments from our humble beginnings, and continue to be grateful to those clients who trusted us. Everyday we come to work with the same enthusiasm of our early days.

Our passion – the passion we have for the practice of law – is what sets us apart.

«NCC has been our C21 lawyer for almost thirteen years. They always come through for us and our customers. We rely heavily on their office in order to run our business…»
Bram Shook

«Thanks again, you do not know how much your efforts mean to us… we all love you!»
Richard Jordan