Lucinia María Reyes Villalobos

Attorney at Law

Lucinia completed her Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance at Fidélitas University in September 2022, which provided her with a strong foundation in financial principles and resource management. Previously, in August 2018, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica (U.A.C.A.), further solidifying her knowledge in business management.

Her ability to understand customer needs and provide effective solutions has developed throughout her career. From January 2010 to June 2017, Lucinia worked as a Sales Assistant at Vivicon, where she was an exceptional customer service representative. During this time, she informed customers about products and their features, prepared quotations, provided financing advice, and coordinated promotional activities.

Since April 2018, Lucinia has been part of the Bufete Venture Legal team as a Legal Assistant. Here, she plays a crucial role in billing, credit, and collection, as well as customer care and service. She is also responsible for drafting and filing legal documents, managing schedules and trial scheduling, and preparing registry studies of companies, movable and immovable property, among others. Her ability to review and respond to judicial resolutions and conduct trademark and distinctive sign registrations demonstrates her versatility in the legal field.

Lucinia complements her experience with technology skills, including intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Office and Excel. Additionally, she exhibits essential competencies such as empathy, adaptability, emotional intelligence, organization, and time management, all of which are crucial in her roles in customer service and legal assistance.

With a strong education and an outstanding track record in finance and legal fields, Lucinia María Reyes Villalobos stands out as a committed professional capable of effectively addressing business challenges and providing excellent customer service. Her dedication to her professional development and her commitment to success are qualities that define her as an invaluable asset in her field.