Jose Antonio Reyes Villalobos

Attorney at Law

José A. Reyes is an eminent lawyer with a distinguished career in the field of International Commercial Law, Arbitration, and Civil Law. His professional journey has encompassed both national and international realms, where he has left an enduring mark as a accomplished litigator and an expert in arbitration, excelling both in Costa Rica and on the global stage.

In the national context, José A. Reyes has proven to be a skilled attorney in civil litigation and arbitration proceedings. His profound command of these areas of law has made him an invaluable resource for his clients, whom he has successfully represented in various high-profile legal disputes.

On the international stage, José A. Reyes has held significant roles in prestigious legal institutions. During his time in The Hague, he was part of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, where he made significant contributions to the resolution of international disputes through arbitration processes. Additionally, he played a crucial role as an assistant to the Consul of Costa Rica in Washington DC, adeptly representing his country’s interests in international and diplomatic matters of great importance.

He has also served as an assistant at the International Arbitration Center at the Washington College of Law, playing a vital role in the development of programs for global conflict resolution.

In the academic sphere, José A. Reyes has shared his extensive knowledge as a professor at two prominent universities in Costa Rica. At the University of Costa Rica, he has taught Modern Contracts, sharing his expertise in contract law with future lawyers. Furthermore, he has taught Atypical Contracts at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, significantly contributing to the legal skills development of his students.

José A. Reyes is passionate about the law and an unwavering advocate for his clients’ interests. His commendable track record in the legal field, both nationally and internationally, has established him as a lawyer who not only meets but exceeds his clients’ objectives. His dedication to the profession and his deep knowledge of international commercial law, arbitration, and civil law have solidified him as a widely renowned professional, whose mastery in his field is unquestionable.