Camila Delgado Fernández

Attorney at Law

Camila Delgado Fernández is a passionate law student with an exceptional commitment to justice and legal ethics. Since embarking on her journey in the field of law in 2020 at the University of Costa Rica, she has demonstrated tireless dedication to studying and understanding the complexities of the legal system.

Currently, Camila is in the final stretch of her university journey, advancing with determination towards obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in law. Her academic experience has not only been an exploration of legal concepts but also an opportunity to delve into fundamental ethical and social issues that shape the legal world.

During her time at university, Camila has stood out not only for her academic excellence but also for her commitment to community service and human rights advocacy. She has actively participated in pro bono projects, providing legal advice to underserved communities and working to promote social justice.

Her dedication to law, combined with her passion for addressing injustices in society, distinguishes her as a future exceptionally skilled lawyer committed to positive change. Camila firmly believes that the law should not only be a set of rules and procedures but also an instrument for empowering and protecting the most vulnerable in society.